Horsefulness Training 48hrs Birthday Offer

It's my birthday!

I'm adding another year ...  I'm turning 45.

If you've been following me for a while, then you might know that every year, for my birthday, I'm offering a mega discount on all my online programs.

And, this year is no exception because for my 44th birthday you get a 45% discount.

However, as you can see at the top of this page, the discount is only available for 48hrs.

Here below you can find all the different options with discount.

Questions? Just send us an e-mail at info(at), and we'll answer asap.

You have 4 options to choose from

#1: Horsefulness Liberty Training Program -45%

The only online program of it's kind that shows you exactly how to communicate with horses in liberty.  It helps you to solve trust, dominance and other relationship issues and it helps you create the wonderful connection you're dreaming of.

Now only €218 instead of €397
(Or 4x €55 instead of. 4x €99.95)

Use coupon code BDAY45 on the checkout page

#2: Basic Groundwork Progam -45%

This is the continuation of the Liberty Program where you and your horse go all in on leading, touch exercises, yielding to physical aids, yielding to driving aids, and circle work.

Now only €218 instead of €397
(Or 4x €55 instead of €99.95)

#3: Complete Groundwork Program -45%

In the complete Groundwork Program, you get the Basic Groundwork as metioned above, and everything from the Continued Grounwork.

The course in the Continued Groundwork are:

- Obstacle Training
- Working with the neck rope
- Trailer loading
- The double long lines
- Traffic Training
- Preparing for riding

Now only €548 instead of €997
(Or 4x €137 instead of 4x €250)

Use coupon code BDAY45 on the checkout page

What you get in my online programs

Step by step videos and other material that make sure you don't skip important steps. Like that you get all the time and opportunities to realise you horse dreams.

Personal guidance through Q&A below every video or in the private Facebook group. In some cases you can even send in a video which I then review for you for free. You are never left to your own devices.

Life long access to everything, and life long support. That way there's no pressure whatsoever. You go through the courses at yor own pace and that of your horse. That's why, even after several years, you can review the course again when you have a new horse, or just want a refresher.

Peace of mind!

Because of the way of teaching and personal (life long) guidance, you don't have to find out everything on your own or get by with some free Youtube videos.

You're provided with everything you need to make the training of your horse a success.

"What a great feeling this gave!"

I've had Loita as a lease horse for about 2 years. She was not mean, but she was very insecure when riding and she was quite spooky. I was able to cope with this until the moment I realized that she no longer enjoyed riding together, because she started to refuse often.

People around me told me to be stricter, use a whip and spurs so she knew who was in charge, but I'm not like that at all. I just want her to enjoy working together as much as I do.

So I started looking around and came across the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program. The way the course was described appealed to me, really being together and working together as partners instead of coercion. It didn't cost me much effort to decide to purchase this course and I certainly do not regret it.

Despite I only have time to visit my lease horse once a week, I notice a huge difference in the bond between me and Loita in less than 5 months.

At first, she didn't even look at me, confirming my suspicion that our connection wasn't too good... But after a lot of patience and respect I started to notice a difference. She really is a cuddly horse and can't get enough of it.

Now she often comes to me herself and asks to be groomed or she just comes to me and she even sends her best friend away to be alone with me.

What a great feeling this is!

Sometimes she is so calm that she almost falls asleep next to me and sinks through her legs, which she had never done before.
We've already achieved a lot despite only being at module 5, but that's the great thing about this course, everything can be done at our own pace!

The course itself is very clear with good videos showing everything step by step and any questions that come to mind are often answered after watching the webinars.

All in all, I'm super glad I decided to start this course, wouldn't want to miss it!

Amy Broos - Belgium

"We had hit rock bottom"

Before I joined up, my ponies and I had hit rock bottom and I was looking for something rewarding, relaxing, and nurturing for us all. 

There are an awful lot of different 'ways' to be and work with horses, I come from the south west of England and there is a strong belief here of 'what can I get my horse to do' rather than working in partnership. 

My doubts were whether this was right for us all and whether I could trust someone I had found by accident on the internet.

Well, I think the program is wonderful.  I like the way I can fit it in with my job, home life and horse life.  I have not ridden at all since starting the programme and for once I don't feel guilty about it.

Considering Karine is in another country I feel very supported.  I can ask questions whenever I need to and the webinars are excellent, the nearest thing to having Karine with you in the arena.

I have two horses who are very different and reacting in different ways and I sometimes struggle as I am unpicking some of the groundwork I have done in the past.

They have both benefited from my much more relaxed approach to our time together, they are both happy, healthy and relaxed and we are having some real connections.  I have changed my mental approach and we are all benefiting.

I would not hesitate to recommend the programme to others, who know there is a lot more to learn and also for those who are not being fulfilled with what they are doing with their horses. 

Karine's programme is very fulfilling and makes me happy.

Celia Taylor - UK