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find your feel with horses

Quarterly membership with ongoing Inspiration, Learning
and coaching
for open-minded horse trainers and riders

July's Masterclass: Communicating with your Higher Self

I invite you to take an honest and deep look into your horse life

Are you struggling to find the time to enjoy and train your horse?
Do you often show up with your horse feeling stressed or tired, instead of full of energy and joy?
Are you tired of feeling stiffness in your body that prevents you from riding as good as someone who is able to move freely and naturally?
Do you feel rejected by your horse because he often says "no" to you, despite the correct and respectful training you are offering him?
Do you feel frustrated because your horse is still spooky and nervous at times, even though you apply all the right training techniques and you have been putting in the work for months and even years? 
Do you dream about being able to communicate more intuitively with your horse, but you find yourself stuck in your head, not being able to be fully present?
Do you feel discouraged when someone takes over and you see your horse changing positively in only a few minutes? Do you think it's out of your reach to also have this kind of feel and sensitivity with horses?

Imagine you could all change that...

start Living your horse life to the fullest

When it comes to training your horse it's not enough to know a lot about horses and applying the right training techniques. 

It's not whát you do that has the most impact on your horse.  It's hów you do it.

How you think, how you act, how you move, how you breathe & how you feel hugely impacts how your horse thinks, acts, moves, breathes and feels.

The well-being of your horse,  the relationship with your horse,  the training results you achieve, they are all directly or indirectly the consequence of how you show up with your horse every time again.

Can you understand why it's crucial to be at your best when training your horse?

That you're  balanced on every level of your life (also in your daily life without your horse!)?

And that the more feel you can put into the handling and training of your horse, the deeper the connection will be and the more successfull the training will be as well?

That's why I started this Find Your Feel membership.  This membership is all about self-development for horse owners and trainers.

It's all about living your horse life to the fullest!

Ready to be empowered and awaken your full horsemanship potential?

Every 3 months you'll receive 1 new masterclass, 1 live Q&A and 1 live Connection Circle (recordings available afterward)
A variety of topics will be covered,  ranging from developing more body awareness and boosting your body, to cultivating good habits, and developping your intuition and feel. 
This means  you'll get new ideas, learn practical strategies and gain powerful insights that will expand your awareness and help you grow as a horseman. 
With each Masterclass & Connection Circle you'll have something that you can implement right away.  Knowledge is of no value, unless you put it into practice.  Well,  this membership is all about that: putting things into practice.

I'm not a personal development coach, however I've been a full-time horse trainer for 25 years and  my second passion has always been health, personal development and everything related to that.  And not unimportant: my life partner for 20 years  is a certified health coach and professional hypnotherapist. 

So you can be sure that every exercise, strategy, training or technique is a proven one! 

I will only share with you the things that I know work for 100% and that my students and myself have applied with success.

Does this mean this membership is suitable for every horse owner?

No, unfortunately not.  What I'm going to share with you in the Find Your Feel Masterclasses will only work:

if you're curious and eager to learn.
if you're an open-minded person, and not afraid to try out new things, consider new ideas and stretch yourself. 
if you believe that horsemanship is a way of living, and therefore you should keep growing and developing yourself your whole life.
if you're going to put into practise what you learn.  It's not enough to just watch the masterclasses, then forget about them and wait for the next one. It's not meant to be entertainment (although it's going to be fun!). It's about growth and transformation.  You have to be willing to put in the work if you want make a meaningful difference for yourself and your horse. 

This is not a "horse training" program that shows you how to train your horse.  Although there will be masterclasses with horses, a lot of them will be without.  So if you're looking for a horse training program, then I advise you to have a look at my online programs: The horsefulness Liberty Training Program & The Horsefulness Groundwork Program

"My horses LOVE that I am learning this stuff.  My horses LOVE everything that I learn with Horsefulness Training.  And when my horses are happy… then I am happy and I want to get better and better.
THANK YOU for all this that you share with us. "

Katie - USA

"With my youngest horses it’s always a little bit difficult to check the hoofs for the very first time, but then I remembered to do the Find Your Feel techniques. They stopped and dropped their head and I could just take up the feet.  Only the “crazy” one, she just allowed the front feet to be picked up, but that was more then I expected!"

Merle - Iceland

What you can expect
inside the Find Your Feel membership

Body Awareness

How you can develop more body awareness so you can use your body better to communicate with your horse and become a better rider
How Inge learned to be aware of tension building up in her body and how to release that tension by using a simple technique she now also uses when riding her spooky horse.  It helps her to stay soft and calm, which in turn helps her horse to stay soft and calm as well.
How  your posture and movements have a huge influence on your mood and emotions and how you can use this science to feel more optimistic and confident, even when things get difficult.
How Katleen, who despite the fact that she had practiced yoga for many years, for the first time in her life actually really felt how it was to be centered and grounded.  About that experience she said: "This is the kind of experience you cannot get from a book – or even 100 books!"
body awareness to become a better horse trainer rider
natural movement for riders horse training

Natural Movement

How you can tackle the negative consequences of a modern lifestyle and reclaim your body's natural movement abilities.
How Cindy was able to soupple her shoulders, stretch her spine and fix her desk-sitting hunchback with a fun and playful exercise that improved her posture and her upperbody movements on the ground and in the saddle.
How you can easily add more movement into your daily life without having to "exercise" and still get better results then if you would work your butt off at the gym 3 times a week. 
How to supple your hips, strengthen your legs and improve the mobility of your pelvis with a movement practise that you can even do while watching tv or reading a book.  Since I discovered this movement practise my seat improved a great deal.


Why most of the western people have adopted a wrong breathing pattern causing nervousness, tension and fatigue and how to develop a more natural way of breathing so you can find inner peace, calmness and new energy again. 
How changing one simple thing in the way Michelle was breathing, her horse Callie went from being rigid and head in the air to dropping her head and being able to relax. 
How you can help your horse to better deal with challenging situations by using a powerful breathing technique.  Do your horse a favor and learn this technique, your horse will love you for it!
How a tiny little adjustment in your alignment and riding posture will help you to breathe more freely so you can take up more oxygen and have more endurance.
breathing exercises for riders

Mindset & Habit Hacking

How Karine applied some smart life stacking tips, which helped her to get more done in less time with the result she now has  2 hours a week extra she can spend with her horses.
Why mini habits will give maximum results and how you can use habit loops to reach your goals easier with less willpower.
How to cultivate healthy and mindful practises that you can maintain and will make you feel energized, restore your body and create more flow in your life.
Why a growth mindset is only the start and how to move beyond that if you want to make a meaningful difference and become a 21th century horseman.

Intuitive Communication

How to communicate with your Higher Self and receive messages about your horse that will bring a new richness in the relationship and training of your horse (in this month's Masterclass)
How Veerle could help her horse overcome a severe trauma he was struggling with for over 9 years, by using the Here & Now Technique
How you can feel the difference between “being disconnected” and “being connected”, not only physical but also energetical.  This is invaluable if you want to connect on the deepest level with your horse.
How Tom could cure his mare Joy from severe stomach pain and got her eating again by using Intuitive Touch Healing
animal communication with horses
awaken your potential as a horseman

And there' s even more...

Fun Challenges that will inspire and motivate you
The Find Your Feel Facebook Group with people who are on the same journey as you are
Q&A Webinars with extra tips and answers to your questions
Invitations for Karine's brand new Connection Circles (with a value  between 50 & 150 euro per circle, but free for Find Your Feel Members

The Quarterly Schedule

Masterclasses, Live online Q&A sessions with Karine and Live Online Connection Circles

➤ The first month of the quarter is the Masterclass month.  Then you receive your new Masterclass about a new topic, ranging from developing more body awareness and boosting your body, to cultivating good habits, and developping your intuition and feel.  The goal is to empower you as a horseman and to unlock your full horsemanhip potential!

This month (July) you'll learn how to communicate with your Higher Self. 

In 4 steps I will guide you in receiving your own personal Basic Rythm, your Love Pulsation, Your Yes & No Signal.  With these signals you will be able to receive messages and find answers you have about your own (horse) life. 

What you'll learn in this Masterclass is unique and life changing.

➤ The second month is the Q&A month.  You will then be invited to join a Live Q&A session. These will be Q&A sessions in which you can ask all your questions about the last Masterclass and ask for feedback. That can be about the content and about your own practice without and with your horse.  If you can't be there live, you will be able to watch the recordings.

In the next Q&A Session (August 14th) we'll also do extra exercises to enhance the communication with your Higher Self.

➤ The third month of the quarter is the Connection Circle month.  Connection Circles are live online workshops  from 2 to 5 hours. Connection Circles are also open for non-Find Your Feel members at the cost of €60 (which is more than a quarterly membership). As a Find Your Feel member, you can join the Connection Circles for free. Recordings are available inside the membership, in case you can't make it live or want to revisit the workshop.

The next Connection Circle is September 18th. Topic of the Connection Circle: Deep Horse Training

When this cycle has ended in September, a new quarterly cycle (with a new topic) starts in October. A New Masterclass mid October. A Q&A session mid November. A new Connection Circle mid December.

"Cash has had an off and on head shaking problem for about 6 months. A month ago the head shaking was almost continuous. He became very unsettled and unhappy. I tried a “find your feel” session and just stayed with him with my hands on his shoulder and asked where it hurt.
I heard: “It’s my mouth” over and over, although he had been floated 8 months earlier by the vet.
The equine dentist worked on him and he did another float. The next day I had a chiropractor out and she adjusted him and did acupuncture.
I am happy to report that his head has not shaken again. My sweet horse is back to normal behavior. I’m so happy I learned about “Find your feel”.

Sue - USA about Intuitive communication

"Thank you Karine  for the very hands on experience of learning how to go to my Silent Space. Today when I went to do Greet & Go with Chip, I tried to go to my Silent Space. He let me attach the lead rope calmly and I was able to put his blanket on with no problem. When I unclipped the lead rope, he continued to just stand calmly next to me so I just sat down on the floor.
To anyone else, this may seem like nothing, but for me and Chip, this is a very big thing, because he was unapproachable before.
It felt as though we were present together in the moment just enjoying the cold crisp night. It felt so right and calm, the feeling overwhelmed me to tears of joy. We stayed this way for at least a half hour until I got up to leave. Thank you Karine for this moment. I do believe that today I was able to give Chip back some of his joy."

June - USa about the here & now technique

"I am honestly astonished how much better I am able to move after practicing the different positions. My 60 year old bones did not like it very much at first, but quickly appreciated with how much ease I was able to move around for the rest of the day. Thank you for all your tips, they are all wonderful."

Ingrid - USA  about natural movement for riders

"I really love this practise and I believe it changed how I go through my days. Much more peacefulness."  

Susan - USA about the practise of mindful moving


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" This practise has such power. My husband and I did this together and we were so moved and could feel the energy.

I have also played with this with my horse. I can see him relax and I think we are closer because of it. "

Susan - USA  About  "the energy game"

"I had a fantastic experience! Something changed after the bad experience Palomino had (which made him spooky & difficult to handle). I worked with intuïtion, the Softness Response, the Here & Now Technique. We went for a long walk and Palomino met people, cars, dogs,… I was able to listen to my body and used a gentle response in leading Palomino. This the the way, this is the method! Palomino was happy and serene and when we returned back he slept in a relaxing position. Thank you very much Karine"

Diana - Italy

Meet Karine Vandenborre

Founder of Horsefulness Training & your Find Your Feel Coach

Next to being a full-time horse trainer and instructor for the last 25 years of my life,  I developed 3 online programs about horse training.

The goal of these programs is helping people to build a true connection with their horse in liberty and train their horse in a respectful and mindful way.

It's so beautiful to see how a horse calms down and starts trusting again from the moment their human is fully aware and present.  And how they release tensions and move better from the moment their handler moves and rides more naturally.  After all those years I still get goose bumps when witnessing that.

Maybe this is because in my twenties I also was an unconfident and nervous trainer who was thinking and worrying too much. I was chronically over-breathing and I had adopted wrong moving patterns resulting in stiffness and lower back pain.

That's what brought me on the path of self development, healthy habits, mindfulness and different meditation & movement practises.

I soon learned that everything which had a positive impact on my own well-being, also had a positive impact on how I trained horses.  I discovered that the more balanced I felt in my life, the better I could connect with and train horses. 

I've always been passionate about helping traumatised and "problematic" horses and especially with those horses this was very clear.

These horses taught me that the problem is never the horse.

It’s about how we  - as humans - connect with them, communicate with them  and train them. 

It’s about how we think, act, move, breathe, feel. 

It’s about how balanced we are in our (horse)life. 

It’s about showing up at our best, trying to be the best version of ourselves.

I can’t wait to help you awaken your full horsemanship potential!

Do you have any questions about becoming a Member?

Then don't hold it in. Mail us at

Karine Vandenborre

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