Free training: The 7 Building Blocks of an Amazing Relationship
With Your Horse + Q&A

A Free Webinar Event by Karine Vandenborre, Founder of Horsefulness Training


In this online training you'll discover:

  • Why a one-way communication isn't what you want if you're looking for a true connection
  • How respecting a horse's boundaries (physical, mental and emotional) make him feel safe and heard
  • Why trying to change your horse's natural character brakes his spirit
  • Why it's perfectly ok to give your horse a choice
  • How I was able to win the trust of a horse that kicked at everyone who came near
  • How you take the communication and relationship with your horse to a whole other level
  • How you can empower your horse and make him feel proud and self-confident
  • A 30 mins Q&A session where you can ask your question live

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You can watch this training from the comfort of your home. The only thing you need is your pc/laptop and an internet connection.