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Discover how to build a mindful and progressive groundwork routine that you and your horse both enjoy, develop all the necessary skills you need and become the best possible groundwork trainer you can be

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An A to Z online training program on groundwork whereby you get personal and unlimited support by Karine Vandenborre

Karine-Vandenborre-Horsefulness-TrainingI designed this program with you and your horse in mind.

What do I mean by that?

In this Groundwork Program I first take you step by step through the whole Basic Groundwork of Horsefulness Training to then proceed with Continued Groundwork.

And yes, it would have been easy to show you all the exercises with horses who are perfectly trained, selected and perform everything flawless.

But, let's be honest, what good does that do for you at home?

I chose to make the program with a different range of horses: young, old, sensitive, flegmatic, well trained, less trained. So I'm not only showing horses who already know the exercises and are trained into perfection, because that's not the situation you have at home.

You get to see how I teach the horse step by step, just as you will do at home.

In the videos you also get many invaluable tips in between that make the difference between fail and success. E.g. what to do if you make a mistake and the horse gets confused, what to do if the horse is distracted or nervous, what if to do if the horse doesn't react the way you had in mind,...

I will show you how you can do all this with as less aids and pressure as possible.
That way your horse will be able to stay calm and relaxed. And, when your horse is relaxed, you are more relaxed, everthing is more fun to do and you horse learns much better and faster.

You're never on your own! The true power of this program is found in the fact you have the possibility to ask unlimited questions. Below every video, pdf, ... you can ask your questions. I personally answer your questions very fast and I keep helping you until you're satisfied. If necessary you can even send me a video so I can help you even better.

For who is this program the right choice?

  • If you are looking for a horse that is safe, happy, coöperative and confident during training
  • If you want to improve your horse's behaviour during daily handling, like leading him to the field, standing tied, picking up his hoofs, being treated by the vet, passing scary objects, ...
  • If you want to solve problems you are having on the ground with your horse: like barging into your space when you lead, going into the pressure, being reluctant to go on the circle, fear for traffic, not wanting to go on the trailer, nervousness, ...
  • If you want to prepare your horse for Gymnastic Groundwork and/or Riding in the best possible way
  • If you want to give your horse a lot of variation in training, so your horse stays fit on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • If you want to learn a logical step-by-step approach to groundwork
  • If you want to learn to train with as less pressure as possible, with feel, respect and mindfulness
  • If you want to develop yourself to be the best possible trainer and companion for your horse

What some of our members have to say

Sr. Immaculata

I’ve been amazed at how thorough this program is!  It teaches all the basics of training a horse on the ground and has been invaluable for me.

All three of our horses came to us with a lot of previous training—one was a former show horse, one was a barrel racing horse and the other used for trail riding.  Knowing this, I figured they would have already learned all of the basic groundwork and would breeze right through the exercises.

Much to my surprise each one has had their own areas of major difficulty!  It was clear that my barrel racer was never taught to yield to physical aids and my trail rider was afraid of whips!

If I had never done the exercises in this program I would have only discovered that these were problem areas for my horses at a time when it could have been dangerous.

But what’s more than having this knowledge, I have been able to help each horse through these difficulties in a manner that was fun for both of us.

I’ve found Karine’s method to be so enjoyable for both horse and trainer that the horses pick up the concepts within minutes of beginning each training session.  They are so willing to learn new things when you yourself learn how to properly communicate with them.

I also love how different Karine’s approach is from every other method I’ve seen.  Simple things, like teaching the horse to put its head down with pressure, are taught in quite a different manner in this method.

Karine utilizes her knowledge of horses, how they’re feeling, and what they’re saying to you at each moment to maximize your communication with the horse.

I find that my horses calm down and are really able to understand me and my aids better because of the tips Karine gives.

All three of them want to work with me whenever I go out to see them and I find it difficult on most days deciding who gets to begin the session first!

Sr. Immaculata
Diana Nicolleta Prince

I love Horsefulness Training because with it I found the soul of each horse...

When I met my best friend Palomino, he was a terrible horse.  He was out of control, anxious, in panic for everything,  aggressive,  dominant,  impossible to guide for a walk...

I was frustrated, I didn't know what to do.  And I was fearful because he sometimes attacked people.

By applying Horsefulness Training Palomino is another horse. He became my best friend. He needed a person who could understand who he is and his playful spirit. Now he can play with me for hours (with a ball, obstacles, and so on…).

He follows me and he askes me to play... Yesterday he helped me to groom another horse, while before he was so aggressive,  also with other horses!

Diana Nicolleta Prince


With this I want to express my appreciation for the Horsefulness Groundwork Program.

There’s so much respect, appreciation, admiration and honesty towards the horse and so much knowledge and experience from you.

Also the Find Your Feel part is so beautiful, so broad minded, so pure, so so …

Balance, being grounded, conscious breathing is something I was exploring deeper the past time and I was happy to also find that in your groundwork program. To see what effect this has on your horse is truly beautiful to experience.

I really want to thank you for everything until now. The program is so complete, so comprehensive. Videos, theory and the online seminars!

Warm regards,
Ornia and Lot, Pino and Present

Ornia Vogelzang

I have done the groundwork as Karine brings with one very nervous horse and it has helped so much.

The "here and now" technique also helped and now I am practicing the body scan.

What’s great about your whole program is having no time limit. If something's not working then you can go back and repeat until you are ready again to move on. You don't feel you have to rush through to get it done in a certain time frame.

Can't thank you enough for this amazing program, your quick response to any questions and dedication to sharing your work .Big thank you!

Marian Wreford-Smith
Annabel Brown

Karine is a wonderful trainer and her method of training encompasses all learning styles. Being able to watch her videos over and over again is the perfect way to learn. Every time you watch one again you see another detail.

Her explanations are extremely clear and no detail is left out, so you end up with a thorough understanding of what you are trying to achieve and how to achieve it.

Enormous care and a lot of time has gone into producing this training programme.

Over the years I have had lessons from various different instructors and have often ended up thinking “that was a waste of £45” or whatever it cost. Not because the teachers were bad teachers but because my learning style is such that I need to really understand what I am trying to do. Just telling me to do something doesn’t work.

This for me is why Karine’s training is so good. She explains in depth what she is aiming to achieve and breaks the training down into simple steps. It works!

I also deeply appreciate the way she is so respectful to the horses she is training. It is very clear that she likes them. She takes their different personalities into consideration and fine tunes her training accordingly to suit their learning styles.

It is such a refreshing contrast to many people who want a horse to do what they want it to do and at a pace that they dictate. Karine’s methods allow the horse to develop as an individual and at its own pace.

The Horsefulness training has given me “permission” to bring my young horse on at a pace which suits us both.  Doing this training has changed the prospect of training my young horse from a burden to an utter joy.

I can’t recommend it strongly enough.

Annabel Brown
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Here's What You Find Inside The Program

First we start off with the Foundation module to then dive right into the core modules
of the basic Groundwork exercises of Horsefulness Training.

Basic Groundwork

  • 1

    Module on Leading

    In this module you will learn how to lead your horse in the 3 lead positions and when and why you use which position. Things you will be learning are also:

  • The importance of distance: personal and intimate space
  • How to solve dominant or pushy behaviour
  • Supporting your horse when he is scared
  • How to develop more courage in your horse
  • 3 positions to keep your horse motivated and engaged
  • How to teach your horse "the grazing signal"

  • 2

    Module on Touch Exercises

    Touch exercises are often underestimated, but in Horsefulness Training they are of big importance. In this module I'm teaching you the 2 basic touch exercises + how to do leg work, tail work and head work. You will also get tips and advice concerning:

  • Connecting through touch
  • Developing more body awareness
  • Calming and grounding the horse
  • Preparation for daily care
  • Trusting the tools
  • How to help your horse have trust when you touch sensitive body parts

  • 3

    Module on Yielding to Physical Aids

    This is the 3rd Basic Groundwork exercise that involves all the exercises in which you communicate through touch, so your horse learns to yield for your aids instead of going against them. Below you find a few of the subjects that are handled in this module:

  • Developing communication through touch
  • Preparing your horse for physical riding aids
  • Creating lightness
  • Helping your horse in the human world
  • Feel and timing
  • Understanding the concept with 9 exercises

  • 4

    Module on Yielding to Driving Aids

    Most of the time horses communicate from a distance, so you have to know how to do this too. You just can't do without this... In this module, I talk about and show you in practice all the different yielding to driving aids exercises. You receive lessons and tips about:

  • Natural communication from a distance
  • How your body language can motivate or demotivate your horse
  • Using energy and inner dialogue
  • Why "low" is better then "high"
  • Being soft but clear
  • Suppling exercises as a preparation for Gymnastic Groundwork and/or Riding

  • 5

    Module on Circle Work

    Circle work is the last Basic Exercise. You will learn about:

  • The fourth position for more possibilities and variation
  • Preparing for dressage lunging
  • Encouraging more focus and attentiveness
  • The 4 halts
  • How your position can make the difference between frustration and success
  • Raising or calming down the energy of the horse by generating the right energy inside yourself

Next, when you and your horse master the basics

When you and your horse master the Basic Groundwork, you're ready to take things further and start with the Continued Groundwork.

The courses from the Continued Groundwork can be purchased separately in addition to the Basic Groundwork.

Or, you can save almost €500 by purchasing the complete Groundwork Program at once.

Continued Groundwork

  • 1

    Obstacle Training Course

    In this course you'll learn to help your horse overcome his fears, how to guide him over/under/in between/... scary objects and how to have trust and confidence in challenging situations. You'll also get tips on

  • How to improve coördination and overall body use of your horse with pole work
  • How to prevent that your horse panicks, even with very scary objects
  • Using your own body language and energy to help your horse with his fears
  • Getting creative with obstacle training and fear training
  • How to use food rewards to help your horse overcome certain fears with more calmness and focus
  • How to set yourself and your horse up for succes
  • 2

    Stress Free Trailer Loading

    No more stress and tension when it comes to trailer loading after you completed this course! Because this course you'll discover a step by step approach that is clear and easy to follow. Your horse will gain trust and his confidence will grow. Frustration or fear will turn into fun!

  • A proper preparation is half the work done: how to prepare for trailer loading
  • The mindset you need that will make the difference between failure or succes
  • Playing the back & forth game so trailer loading becomes a game instead of a problem
  • Simple but clear communication with the LDR pattern
  • Loading without stress and force, but with patience and positive energy!
  • You will start looking forward to the practise, and that's a promise!
  • 3

    Double Long Lines

    Working in the double long lines isn't only great fun, but it's also the perfect way to prepare a young horse to be ridden, to build more courage in the horse, to gymnastisize the horse, to work a recovery horse without a burden, and much more.

  • How to help your horse accept the long lines without stress
  • Energy and body language while working in the double long lines
  • Giving you clarity by breaking down the steps so you're not skipping critical points
  • Sensitive and subtle rein aids: this will even help you to become a better rider!
  • No need for a "helper" leading your horse from the front in the beginning. You can really do this on your own!
  • More variation & more possibilities in groundwork!
  • 4

    Working with the neck rope

    In this course you'll learn how to bring your groundwork skills to a higher level. Working with the neck rope requires you to have even more body awareness and work even more with your energy. All needs to be more subtle when using a neck rope instead of a halter.
    You'll learn all about it in this fun and exiting course!

  • Teaching the neckrope aids in a step-by-step manner so it's simple and understandable to your horse
  • Working with the neckrope from close-by, from a distance, and in more challenging situations
  • Groundwork with the neckrope will improve your feel and timing
  • Using more precise and more subtle body language instead of relying on the halter too much
  • Inviting your horse to "think towards you"
  • A bigger feeling of freedom during groundwork for both you and your horse
  • 5

    Traffic Training

    This is the course where you'll discover how to teach your horse to have trust in (motorised) vehicles and scary objects he can encounter in traffic. First starting out in the arena to then gradually moving on to real traffic. After completing this course, your horse will be calm and confident in traffic.

  • A perfect preparation is thé key to succes in traffic training: you'll learn how to prepare your horse at home in the best possible way
  • Every step of the process is crucial. I'll show you exactly which steps to take and how to go about it.
  • Becoming a confident guide and gentle leader to your horse in traffic
  • Helping your horse to gain trust in big and noisy vehicles like motorbikes and tractors
  • Helping your horse to feel calm and confident in traffic with the "calming technique"
  • Enjoying wonderful walks with your horse after completing this course!
  • 6

    Preparing for riding

    With this course you will be able to prepare your horse for riding YOURSELF.

  • I will guide you to do this in a safe and logical way, so your young horse stays calm, confident and connected during the process.

  • In this course you’ll learn

  • How to help your horse accept and trust the saddle pad, the girth, the bare-back pad and the saddle
  • How to help your horse trust movements and sounds on and around his body
  • How to prepare your horse for mounting and dismounting of the rider
  • How to teach your young horse the rein aids before you’re on his back
  • How mini-steps in the right order ensures everything stays safe and fun for both
  • How to supple your horse and teach him how to move in balance with 3 basic gymnastic exercises
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All The Benefits In A Row

  • Video Instruction

    You’re taken by the hand, following the clear and step by step approach to make groundwork with your horse a success and enjoyable experience.

    Everything is shown into detail using Full HD videos.

  • Online Q&A sessions

    Next to the possibilty to ask all your questions inside the program and private Facebook group, you can join a live Q&A session 3 times a year.

    This can also be a theme webinar. Every session is recorded and available inside the program.

  • Go as you grow

    If you don’t wish to purchase the complete program (basic + continued groundwork), you can start with the basic groundwork only.

    After completing the Basic Groundwork, you can choose to move on to the Continued Groundwork. The courses from the Continued Groundwork can be purchased separately.

  • Personal guidance

    In this program you get in-depth and tailored guidance for you you and your horse. I personally see into every question and under normal conditions you have a response within 3 days (mostly even the same day).

  • Great Community

    You have access to a great Facebook community of like minded people where you can interact with each other and me, to inspire and motivate each other, to ask questions and discuss everything you want about Horsefulness Training and horses in general.

  • Mobile Friendly

    The program is mobile friendly so you can access it using your mobile devices. This is great if you want to take the program right where your horse is!

  • Lifelong access

    The program is yours for life so there’s no need to hurry once you’re in. Also, you can’t loose it or break it. It’s there online and you can access it 24/7.

  • Customer benefits

    As a customer, you’re always the first to hear about new products and benefit from the best customer-only offers.

You have 2 options

You can choose to only purchase the Basic Groundwork instead of the complete Groundwork Program.

When you then have completed the Basic Groundwork, you can upgrade to the Continued Groundwork courses of your choice whenever you want to.

The Complete Groundwork Program is divided into 2 main parts:

  1. The Basic Groundwork: including 6 modules (General, Leading, Touching, Yielding to physical aids, Yielding to driving aids, and Circle Work). Plus you can access the recorded (theme and Q&A) webinars.Value: €397
  2. The Continued Groundwork: This large part contains 6 individual courses.
    * Obstacle Training (€197)
    * Double Long Lines (€147)
    * Trailer Loading (€197)
    * Working with the neck rope (€147)
    * Traffic Training (€197)
    * Preparing for Riding (€197)

Every part comes with the possibility to ask unlimited questions, lifetime access, sending in a video if needed, and access to the Facebook group.

Important: the courses of the Continued Groundwork are only available in addition to the Basic Groundwork. This means you always need to start with the Basic Groundwork first.

The reason for this is that the exercises from the courses build on each other in a logical manner. Both you and your horse must have mastered the basics in order to continue. That way you set yourself and your horse up for success!

Module Leading
Module Touching
Module Yielding to physical aids
Module Yielding to driving aids
Module Circle Work
Theme and Q&A Webinars
Aks unlimited questions below every video, pdf, mp-3
Access to the private Facebook group
Obstacle Training (value €197)
Double Long lining (value €147)
Working with the neck rope (value €147)
Trailer Loading (value €197)
Traffic Training (value €197)
Preparing for Riding (value €197)

Basic Groundwork

€ 597 Price will convert to your local currency on purchase

Also split payments

  • Module Leading
  • Module Touching
  • Module Yielding to physical aids
  • Module Yielding to driving aids
  • Module Circle Work
  • Theme and Q&A Webinars
  • Aks unlimited questions below every video, pdf, mp-3
  • Access to the private Facebook group
  • Obstacle Training (value €197)
  • Double Long lining (value €147)
  • Working with the neck rope (value €147)
  • Trailer Loading (value €197)
  • Traffic Training (value €197)
  • Preparing for Riding (value €197)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

As always this program also comes with a 10 day "not happy, money back"-guarantee.

I want you to be happy with what you find inside the program, I only want happy members.

So if for any reason you are not satisfied, just let me know within the 10 days after purchase and I'll be happy to give you a 100% refund.

A recent internal Customer Happiness Survey showed:

  • 4.82 on a scale of 0 to 5, for the personal support and guidance that comes with this program.
  • 98% would recommend this online program to a friend!

frequently asked questions

Can I spread my investment?

Yes, we offer a 4 months installment plan so you can spread your investment over 4 months.

I don't know anything about groundwork yet, is it possible then to follow this program?

Yes it is! The program is designed in such a way that everything is explained and showed from A to Z, so it’s clear what you have to do, and how you have to do it.  I would say: if you never done groundwork, then this is the moment to start, because of all the advantages it will bring you and your horse.

I love to teach novices groundwork as much as I love to coach experienced trainers how to improve their groundwork skills.

My horse is still young, can I already start with Groundwork?

Yes, groundwork is suitable for horses of every age. And the more groundwork you do with a young horse, the better, because you are preparing your horse for other things you will do later on, like riding, lunging, trailerloading,…

Is there a trial period with this program?

Yes. We offer a 10 days guarantee, because I want you to be satisfied with your purchase.

This means you can try the program for 10 days and decide if you want to continue or not. So there is no risk involved. If you don’t like it, just let me know within 10 days after purchase and you get a 100% refund no questions asked.

Is this an online course that starts on a specific date?

No, when you sign up, you can start whenever you like, even if that’s only in 1 month or later. You have lifetime access and you can keep asking your questions below every video as well as in the private Facebook group.

Just take your time, because I’m always there to help you when you need me.

Where will I be able to ask my questions and can I send in videos?

You have different possibilities to ask me your questions
1. Below every video.
2. In the closed facebookgroup for members only (this is invaluable, as the other students will help you too!)
3. In the live feedback sessions
4. By mail: if it’s a personal question, that you don’t want others to read

And yes, you can send in video’s. If you get stuck or it’s difficult to explain to me what’s happing during training, then a video is very helpful.  ‘Cause then I’m able to see with my own eyes what the problem is exactly, and I can give you even better feedback and advice.

Do I need to follow the Liberty Connection Program first?

Although it’s good to do the Liberty Connection Program first, this is not mandatory.

No More Sitting On The Fence

It's time for you and your horse to take the next step!

I'm ready to help you and your horse and I'll guide you whenever you're facing a challenge.

Let's do this together!

If you have questions before signing up, don't hesitate
to contact me at

Karine Vandenborre -

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