Registration for
the Horsefulness Groundwork Program
is now closed

Registration is now closed until mid June, because we are adding new courses to the program.

These are the Continued Groundwork courses such as:

  • Obstacle training (e.g. teaching your horse to be more courageous and less spooky)
  • Groundwork with the neckrope
  • Double long lines
  • Stress free trailer loading
  • Traffic training (end 2018 -beginning 2019)
  • Preparing your horse for riding (end 2018 - beginning 2019)

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Or, start with Horsefulness Liberty Training first

I always advise to start with Horsefulness Liberty Training first. It's not an obligation, but I can strongly recommend it.

If you want to find out more about the Horsefulness Liberty Training Program, Click Here.

Ps: If you follow the Liberty Training Program first, you can count on a special price for the Groundwork Program when you want to continue with Horsefulness Training

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