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a replay of a 4 hour online workshop in which you'll start building a trustful, natural and strong bond with your horse

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Now the question is:

Do you long for more connection and a stronger relationship with your horse?
Do you want to learn how to bond deeply with your horse in the way that is meaningful and natural to him?
Is your horse a bit suspicious or distrustful and are you looking for a mindful and respectful way to start building trust? 
Is the bond with your horse broken and you want to rebuild it, and make it even stronger than before?
Would you like to be present and connected and being able to share this natural state of presence with your horse? However, you find this difficult as you are often to much in your head?
Or do you simply want to learn everything you can about Bonding Time and ask all you want about this important Connection Exercise?

Then join Karine's Connection Circle about Bonding Time

The Horsefulness Liberty Training consists of 8 basic exercises.  These are called the 8 Connection Exercises, because the most important goal of these exercises is to build a strong bond with your horse and spark a deep connection.

By doing the exercises, your herd of two becomes solid and strong,and you also develop a clear communication.

That's why the Horsefulness Liberty Connection Training with it's "connection exercises" are the foundation of any future training you will do with your horse.

"Bonding Time", the exercise that we will dive into in this Connection Circle, is the first connection exercise and it's also the most important one.


Because during Bonding time you will bond with your horse in the most natural way: that's the way horses also bond with each other. It's meaningful and natural to them.

Bonding Time grows and deepens a natural connection.  It develops trust and togetherness.  It sparks curiousity in the horse.  It teaches you how to be present.

It's one of the most transforming exercises of Horsefulness Liberty Training.

And you can learn all about it in the upcoming Connection Circle!

This is what we'll do:

In this online workshop I'm not only going to share with you what you need to know about Bonding Time, and tell you how to do it, you're also going to it right awayBecause knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice and the Connection Circle's are all about that: putting things into practice immediatly.
You will also be able to ask me your questions about Bonding Time and its practise with your horse.
So there will be theory, there will be Q&A sessions in between, ánd there will be practicing with your own horse in real life. 

What do you need to get the most out of this replay of Karine's connection circle?

Your horse, of course  😉
A pc or smartphone and internet connection where your horse lives (at your house, or at the barn)
A field or paddock
Clothing adapted to the weather
A chair
A stick, whip or twig
(Rope)halter or cavesson and leadrope
A device to listen to an mp3 recording
Pen and paper
An open mindset 🙂

"I would like to share great moment from “bonding time” yesterday. I have practiced bonding time every day since Monday, in the meadow where my horse lives with 5 other horses. Sometimes they are with me, sometimes they are not. But yesterday one of the youngsters came up to me and placed himself right in front of where I was sitting and started to take a nap. Another horse decided to lay down a few steps away from me and a third horse came to me and decided to lay down right behind my chair. My own horse – of course, was standing ten steps away with another horse and they were sleeping too. I almost could not breathe, in fear of disturbing the horses in this special moment."

Sarah- Denmark

"Today was the first time ever that my horse has come running to me in the field. I was taking my chair out to go sit and do some Bonding Time. I decided after sitting down to take a picture, and as I was about to he began trotting towards me, and then came running up the hill. He stopped momentarily and then came trotting right up me and put his forehead right into my chest. It was a very amazing moment, something that I will never forget.

Thank you so much Karine. I highly doubt this amazing moment would have ever happened without your help and guidance. It has truly bonded us in a way I could have never imagined, and this is just the beginning!" 

Kennedy - Canada

This is what you'll gain

Knowing how to build a stronger bond and taking the first steps toward a deeper connection
Sparking curiousity in your horse
Learning how to deal with pushiness or intrusive behaviour during Bonding Time
Helping your introvert horse to become more open and self-confident around you and other humans
Re-building a broken relationship in a way that is meaningful to your horse
Learn how to be present and grounded during Bonding Time so your horse feels more attracted to you
Laying a strong foundation for future liberty work and other training
Enjoying an online workshop with like minded people and spending special time with your horse!

"I was sitting at the very end of the pasture and my horse and another gelding were grazing close to my spot. Suddenly the youngsters who were in the middle of the pasture decided to gallop into the stable. My horse jumped around to see what was going on, then noticed that I was still sitting there calm and relaxed, then he lowered his head and grazed again. It felt like we were a little herd of three, I felt so included!"

Tine- Germany

"Yesterday Kodak decided to lie down for a nap in a nice sunny spot.  I walked over to her, and sat down about 10 feet away from her for about 10-15 minutes. I talked to her so she would know I was there, and she flicked her ears towards me, but remained very relaxed, and I could see she was coming in and out of a deep sleep. My gelding was sleeping standing up on the other side of me, so I was sitting between the two of them, feeling like I was truly part of the herd. It was a wonderful moment, one I never thought I would experience when I first got my spooky, anxious Kodak! The fact that she was completely comfortable lying down and sleeping with me so close by was amazing.

Chantal - Canada

"I have learned the joy of just being with my horse in the moment.
A good lesson for me."

Annika - UK

"Bonding Time has helped my horse to trust humans again, after all the pain and abuse she had gone through in the past years, before I adopted her."

SAbrina  - Belgium


Karine's Connection Circle about Bonding Time [replay]


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Meet Karine Vandenborre

Founder of Horsefulness Training

Next to being a full-time horse trainer and instructor for the last 25 years of my life,  I developed 3 online programs about horse training.

The goal of these programs is helping people to build a true connection with their horse in liberty and train their horse on the ground and in the saddle in a respectful and mindful way.

These "Connection Circles" are my newest project and my goal with these interactive and online workshops is to bring people from all over the world together online to learn about horse training and related topics.

Knowing that you are learning together with other people, at the same moment, is highly motivating and inspiring. 

Especially if everybody has the same goal and the same vision: creating a better world for horses and becoming the best horseman they can be for their own horse.

Because it all starts here and now, in your own (horse) life.

That's why I invite you to my Connection Circle: to learn together, practice together and grow together!

And, to make a difference in our horse's lives!

"Since I do Bonding Time a 3 or 4 times a week (10 to 20 minutes) my horse is much calmer around me and easier to halter and to lead. He's also more attached to me. When he sees me arriving, he often comes towards the gate and nickers. That's so cute!"

Lisanne - The Netherlands

"The most curious horse in my herd has been my 3 year old shetland pony, Angus. Before doing bonding time with him, he was quite cheeky and pushy but after bonding time, I have seen a huge change in his respect for my boundaries."

Donna - South Africa

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Karine Vandenborre

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