a 5-hour online workshop
in which you'll experience "Deep Training"
with your horse

This is what some students say about
Deep Horse Training

"Every day of the week I look forward to Saturday morning. Then I have my weekly Deep Training session with my young horse. It's "our" time, it's just me and my horse. We connect and have fun, and we usually make a lot of progress. "

Evelien - Belgium

"Deep Training sessions are fantastic! And they are very good for my self-confidence, because after deep training I always feel like a professional horse trainer, haha!"

Carla- Belgium

"Karine introduced me to Deep Training after I told her that I only have 2 times per week free to train my horse.  I was skeptical at first but after practicing 2 times, together with Karine, I was sold!
I now do 1 Deep Training per week, and I make more progress during one such a session then during a full month of "normal" training."

KIM - Belgium

"Deep training has helped me to get to know my horse better.  One of the things I learned is that my horse needs more exercises instead of less, more exercises make him feel joyful and energetic. Before he was lazy as hell, now he is forward and motivated.  I would have never discovered that if I hadn't started deep training with him."

Anke- Belgium

This is what we'll do:

On Sunday, September 26th, we'll come together online for a 5-hour interactive workshop. 
        Time: 4 pm - 9 pm Brussels Time (CET)
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During these 5 hours you'll discover what Deep Horse Training is and why it's so valuable for your horse and yourself.  More important: You'll also be experiencing Deep Training with your horse right away!  Because knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice and the Connection Circle's are all about that: putting things into practice immediatly.
You'll be able to ask me your questions about the Deep Training with your horse and I'll give you tips and advice.
So there will be theory,  Q&A sessions in between, ánd practicing with your own horse during the workshop. 

What do you need to be able to attend this connection circle about "Deep Horse Training"?

Your horse, of course 
A pc or smartphone and internet connection where your horse lives (at your house, or at the barn)
A field / paddock / arena where you're not distracted by other people
Clothing adapted to the weather
A watch so you can keep an eye on time (some parts of the workshop you need to come online, some parts you need to go to your horse)
Your usual training tools
A chair - where you practise with your horse
Pen and paper
An open mindset 

This is what you'll gain

deep training brings understanding that is deeper than knowledge
You'll learn the what and why of Deep Horse Training
You'll discover how you can do long Deep Training sessions without tiring or boring your horse.
You'll learn how to prepare for a Deep Training Session.
You'll experience how beneficial Deep Training is for the connection between you and your horse
Deep Training will bring a new understanding between you and your horse
You'll experience how Deep Training can bring you and your horse in a beautiful flow, that brings the true horseman inside of you to life.
You'll make more progress in one deep training session than in multiple regular training sessions together.
You'll enjoy a fun and inspiring  workshop with like minded people and you'll be spending special time with your horse.

Karine's Connection Circle
about Deep Horse Training


one-time payment

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After purchase you'll be redirected to a page where you can register for the session.  Please be patient and do not close the page. We will send you the details about how to access the live workshop.

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Meet Karine Vandenborre

Founder of Horsefulness Training

Next to being a full-time horse trainer and instructor for the last 25 years of my life,  I developed 3 online programs about horse training.

The goal of these programs is helping people to build a true connection with their horse in liberty and train their horse on the ground and in the saddle in a respectful and mindful way.

These "Connection Circles" are my newest project and my goal with these interactive and online workshops is to bring people from all over the world together online to learn about horse training and related topics.

Knowing that you are learning together with other people, at the same moment, is highly motivating and inspiring. 

Especially if everybody has the same goal and the same vision: creating a better world for horses and becoming the best horseman they can be for their own horse.

Because it all starts here and now, in your own (horse) life.

That's why I invite you to my Connection Circle: to learn together, practice together, grow together!

And, to make a difference in our horse's lives!

Do you have any questions about participating in the Connection Circle about Deep Horse Training?

Then don't hold it in. Mail us at info@horsefulnesstraining.com

Karine Vandenborre

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