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A Connection Circle about Horse-Mirror Work

I have always been somebody who wants to learn new things, and have new experiences. I believe that this eagerness to learn, and my open-mindedness, is what helped me to develop myself into the horsewoman I am today.

Sometimes I learn something that has absolutely nothing to do with horses, but then I realize that if I would apply it in my work with horses, it would possibly have a significant impact.

That was also the case with what I came to call "Horse-Mirror Work".

When I first learned to use this kind of work, without horses but with my daughter, I was amazed! This was so profound!

However, I was also a bit upset and sad. Because certain unconscious aspects of myself came to the surface and that was confronting. I remember crying and feeling guilt.

Luckily, I soon realized I had to do something with the truth that was revealed. And then the magic started to happen... The struggles I had in the relationship with my (then almost 9-year-old) daughter, slowly but surely started to change for the better.

Then, one day, I said to myself: "Hey, let's try this with my horse Ulysse and see what effect it has."

Well, I think there's only one word that can describe what the effect was.


What an eye-opener it was!

Again, I was amazed. And again, I came to realize that there was an unconscious aspect of myself that desperately needed some attention and transformation. From the moment I did that, my mare Ulysse also went through a transformation.

From that day on, I started to see every horse with different eyes... And I started practicing more and more with horses. My own horses, but also with horses from other people.

I started calling this work "Horse-Mirror Work". And for the first time ever, I'll be sharing this with a group of enthusiasts in the upcoming Connection Circle.

As I have never shared this technique with anyone, I can only speak from my own experience. However, I think it will be pretty "WOW" for you as well.

I'm really excited to be giving this new workshop, and if you're as enthusiastic as I am, then I look forward to meeting you there.

With Love,

This is what we'll do:

During this workshop, you'll discover what Horse-Mirror Work is and how it can help you to grow your awareness and understanding of yourself and your horse.
You'll also be doing a Horse-Mirror Work session with your own horse.  Because knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice and the Connection Circle's are all about that: putting things into practice immediatly.
You'll be able to ask me anything you want about Horse-Mirror Work and the practice of it with your horse.
For this online workshop you do not need to be with your horse. You can work from the comfort of your home.

This is what you'll gain

You'll learn the what and why of Horse-Mirror Work
You'll discover how you can use Horse-Mirror Work for your own growth and development.
You'll learn how to prepare yourself for a Horse-Mirror session.
You'll  possibly uncover unconscious behavior patterns, blocked emotions, or other mental/emotional problems that you were previously not aware of in yourself. 
Horse-Mirror Work will also help you to deal with recurring problems/challenges with your horse, because you will touch deeper layers that you previously couldn't see yet, although your horse was showing it to you already all along.
You'll enjoy a life changing and inspiring  workshop with like minded people and you'll learn something that can make a huge difference in your (horse) life!


A quiet spot where you're not distracted by other people.
A pen and paper.
It's not necessary to be with your horse to be able to participate.  However, it can be helpful to be in the presence of your horse when doing the practice.
Kindness towards yourself & the willingness to accept what the Horse-Mirror Work session reveals about you .  Horse-Mirror Work is not always easy... but it's worth it!
An open mind  and an open heart.

Karine's Connection Circle
about Horse-Mirror Work - Replay


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Meet Karine Vandenborre

Founder of Horsefulness Training

Next to being a full-time horse trainer and instructor for the last 25 years of my life,  I developed 3 online programs about horse training.

The goal of these programs is helping people to build a true connection with their horse in liberty and train their horse on the ground and in the saddle in a respectful and mindful way.

These "Connection Circles" are my newest project and my goal with these interactive and online workshops is to bring people from all over the world together online to learn about horse training and related topics.

Knowing that you are learning together with other people, at the same moment, is highly motivating and inspiring. 

Especially if everybody has the same goal and the same vision: creating a better world for horses and becoming the best horseman they can be for their own horse.

Because it all starts here and now, in your own (horse) life.

That's why I invite you to my Connection Circle: to learn together, practice together, grow together!

And, to make a difference in our horse's lives!

Do you have any questions about participating in the Connection Circle about Horse-Mirror Work?

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Karine Vandenborre

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