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On this page you'll find the Horsefulness Training online courses.

First, please take a look at the questions below and find out if one of these courses is what you're looking for.

1. Are you looking for a way to communicate and work with your horse that doesn't use force or coercion? A way that has respect for each individual horse and his personality?

No? I'm sorry, but then Horsefulness Training is not what you're looking for.

Yes? Good! Proceed to question n°2.

2. Are you looking for a quick fix for a problem you're now experiencing with your horse?

Yes? Although you can see quick changes in the behaviour of your horse, Horsefulness Training aimes for sustainable results that can take time. So if you're not willing to take the time that your horse needs and are looking for a quick fix, these courses are not what you're looking for.

No? Great! This means that you're willing to invest time in the training and well-being of your horse and that your aim is an improved relationship and sustainable way of training. Horsefulness Training could be what you're looking for.

3. Do you want a very personal type of coaching for you and your horse, where you can ask me unlimited questions for life?

Yes? Well, then there's a very good chance the Horsefulness online courses of are perfect for you and your horse!

Have a look below and find out what you can do.

Karine Vandenborre, Founder of Horsefulness Training

How to Make Your Choice?

There are currently 2 different courses available:

  • 1

    Horsefulness Liberty Training Program

I always advise to start with this program. Of course it's not an obligation, but I do highly recommend it.

This program is all about creating a true connection with your horse by using the language horses use between each other.

It's about building trust, developing your body language, learning how to read your horse's body language, and establishing true communication without force or coercion. It's here that we lay the foundation for good groundwork or other training.

Once you've gone through the first 5 modules of the program, you're ready to proceed to the Groundwork Program.

  • 2

    The Horsefulness Groundwork Program

The Groundwork Program is where we will actually begin to train our horse in a safe and relaxed manner.

You start with Basic Groundwork like lead exercises, touch exercises, yielding for physical and driving aids, circlework. Then you will move on to Continued Groundwork such as obstacle training, trailer training, traffic training, preparing for riding.

We owe it to our horses to help them feel as comfortable as possible in our human world and to make sure they understand what we are asking of them. It’s also about being safe (both you and your horse) and keeping your horse fit on every level, and of course -- having fun!

NEW: The Basic and Continued Groundwork can now be purchased separately.


If you want to go all in and invest in both programs at the same time, contact us for your special discount.

Both programs come with a no-risk 10 day guarantee. This means you can start the program and try things out for 10 days. If it's not what you're looking for, just let us know within 10 days of purchase and you get a full refund.


If you have questions regarding one of these online programs, don't hesitate
to contact me at

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