The 7 Building Blocks

of an amazing relationship
with your horse

A Free Webinar Event by Karine Vandenborre, Founder of Horsefulness Training


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If you're honest, the handling of your horse and the relationship isn't
always love and roses ...

  • Collecting your horse from the field or paddock can be a time consuming activity. Your horse isn't very enthusiastic when he sees you coming...
  • Your horse is afraid of people because of former traumatic experiences and your still looking for a way to help him with that
  • Your horse can be very intrusive and pushy. He sometimes even dares to bite or threatens to kick and it scares you. It's not clear to you how to deal with this behaviour in a horse friendly way
  • You're looking for a way to work with your horse based on a respectful 2-way communication, where your horse can be who he really is
  • You want to make an end to frustration and instead have fun again and experience a deep connection with your horse

Something sounds familiar?

If 1 of the things above rings a bell, or you're just into learning more about true
horse communication, then I'm sure you'll love this webinar!

This is an online 1.5hr event and it's 100% free.
The only thing you need is an internet connection and a computer/laptop to follow
this training from the comfort of your home.

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See you inside!

Ps: 🤫mum's the word, but there's an interesting bonus at the end of the webinar...

Karine Vandenborre
Horsefulness Training

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